Cuban Cars

Friend of the blog Ed Solomon snapped a bunch of great pictures while on a tour of Cuba. A few of the German ones are […]

Opel GT

A small German car with an international flavor that achieved success in America and beyond. That is a pretty good resume if the years are […]

Opel Kapitan A

Your eyes do not deceive you….This is a popular German sedan from the 1960s. In 1964 Opel introduced a trio of models on a new […]

Opel Ascona 400

One of the phenomena that continues to amaze, is how good an otherwise plain (or even ugly) car can look in race trim. Few people […]

Globe Trotting

For many of us who are into vintage iron, there is a deep interest in brands and machines that we have no interest in owning. […]

Opel Manta A

In the late 1960s, General Motors was looking for a way to compete with the newly introduced German-based Ford Capri in Europe. The Capri was […]

Opel Kadett B

Although Adam Opel started by manufacturing sewing machines in the latter half of the 19th century, like many others the firm was dabbling in automobiles […]