Zundapp GS125

The term GS, short for Gelande Strasse, when applied to motorcycles, has become synonymous with large and imposing swiss army knife bikes from BMW. The […]

Zundapp Citation

IThe Zundapp Citation was clearly a derivative of the Horex Imperator, and was reportedly only branded a Zundapp in order to work around the legal […]

January Janus

The late 1940s and the early 1950s represent one of those periods where the automobile and the motorcycle world were experimenting with hybrids. In this […]

Zundapp K800

The early 1930s found Zundapp struggling at just 5% of the market share and with little in the way of exciting products. Their engineering prowess […]

The Green Elephant

Quick, in postwar Germany of 1951, what was the fastest production motorcycle? Would you believe a machine referred to as the Green Elephant? Neither would […]


What vintage motorcycle hails from Germany, started production in the 1920s, has a flat twin air-cooled motor, is found primarily in black, and has shaft […]