Official Start

This winter was not bad. Besides a few periods of super cold, we managed to slip in rides here and there. They were short, but […]

Gathering 2015

The riding season in the northern climes begins in the spring. However, in the mid-Atlantic region, it officially starts with events. Events like The Gathering […]

Morrie’s Place

There are fewer and fewer shops like Morrie’s. It is a place full of old motorcycles. By choice. It is a place where they work […]

Sammy Miller Museum

On previous occasions, we have commented on the tendency to locate impressive museums in nondescript industrial warehouses (see hidden treasures).  In the UK, the equivalent is […]

Roadside Tales #17

Harry (name changed to protect the guilty) studied his reflection in the deep black paint of the Norton’s gas tank, as if it would tell […]

Norton Gathering 2012

This winter has been unusually mild in the northeast, so there has been a fair amount of riding so far this year already. This has […]

Season Opener

In this neck of the woods, winter cannot leave soon enough. It has a habit in many years of throwing some kind of last gasp […]

People Power

At a recent gathering of vintage iron faithful at a British car event, I was a guest of a guest. The participant was Jeff, and […]

Who Framed Norton?

Norton is in stiff competition with Indian for the brand that has died and been resuscitated most often. While they are both back among the […]

Retrospective Recycling

The road to successful rebirth of once heralded motorcycle marques is strewn with the carcases of the fallen, and has relatively few spectacular winners. Indian, […]