Somehow, the R60 has just been neglected at the back of the garage. Part of the issue is that with the cramped space something has to be in the least accessible locations, and during the course of the summer the R60 got moved around to that spot.

However, on a lovely Winter day, It was time to get the R60 out for some exercise while running errands, and to perform an oil change. To be honest, I can’t really remember when the last oil change was done on the R60, so it is not so much for the mileage as it is for the time that this needed to take place.

A 45-minute outing provided more than enough opportunity for the oil together up to temp and back at the garage cum on it flowed easily into the dream bucket. Since the R60 uses the slinger method of oil filter in, it’s pretty easy to change your health you drain it, and then you Phillip up with your choice of oil. I am partial to Castro 2050 km off so that is what went into the R60.

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