Awning Morning

The Smittybilt awning made its way from the Bay Window to the Vanagon, but never got used. Finally one morning after a coffee run, we […]

Bug Jam 2019

For an outdoor weekend event complete with camping in November, Florida sounds like the right place. And so it is every year that thousands make […]

No Dough 2019

It has been mentioned before on these pages, that behind many of the events that we have witnessed and enjoyed, is a person with a […]

Platform As Canvas

Somehow, the cars of mid-20th-century Germany lend themselves more than the products of any other nation, to become platforms for Art. Why? I do not […]

The Variant

As covered here before, (see the rise of the type 3), Volkswagen was among the first automakers to really leverage a single chassis for multiple […]

An Unexpected Stop

I had passed the shop many times before, but never during regular business hours. It had been an automotive repair shop, and then unoccupied for […]

The Rise of the Type 3

In the late 1950s, VW determined that they needed a somewhat larger sedan to compliment the Beetle and Karmann Ghia, and to compete with more […]

First Blood

It was baby blue, but it was really mostly oxidized metal brown. It was vintage, hailing from 1969, but it was really mostly old and […]

The Unwanted Podium

So there I was, standing in the engine bay and staring at the empty bell housing. The bad torque converter  was on the garage floor […]

2013 Deutsche Classic

If there is an event that almost perfectly matches the theme and scope of Classic Velocity, it is Pennsylvania’s Deutsche Classic. The event has been […]

Type 14

Volkswagen Karmann Ghia was the dream of designer and builder Wilhelm Karmann. He had built the Volkswagen beetle cabriolet, and wanted to design a unique […]


Throughout the history of the automobile, you would be hard-pressed to find a vehicle that has been more modified, “enhanced”, experimented with, or generally altered, […]

Cool Flow Air Conditioning

I have only had two types of air conditioning in vintage vehicles; not present, and not working. Well actually, that is not entirely accurate. The […]

Volkswagen Fastback

In 1961, Volkswagen introduced the Type 3 line with the Notchback (See VW Notchback), and the Type 34 Karmann Ghia. The cars were also known […]

Air-Cooled Cool

One of my earliest and most formative automotive memories, is standing on the seatbacks of my uncle’s early 60s ragtop Beetle with my torso sticking […]