California Contemplations

Dry air, and a temperate climate, combine to make southern California a vintage vehicle mecca. On a recent trip, after about a year locked down […]

Vintage Vs Virus

The Covid virus continues to take a horrendous toll on lives and livelihoods, so our sympathies go out to those who have had personal and […]

On selling an airhead

If you normally sell your vehicle via a high-end concierge auction service, where your only knowledge of the transaction is an eventual slight bump in […]

Proof of Passion

It is a rare fan of vintage iron, that does not also possess a few other items which indicate that they are a fan. Who […]

Platform As Canvas

Somehow, the cars of mid-20th-century Germany lend themselves more than the products of any other nation, to become platforms for Art. Why? I do not […]

The RT Legacy

There are some lessons that I cannot seem to learn. There are many instances on these pages of the CV garage returning over and over […]

New is Old….Again

It\’s official, we have run out of ideas. Electric cars, not new. Medicinal herbs, not new. Organic food, not new. Driverless cars, not new. Faded […]

On Getting Soaked

It has been a long time since I have gotten really and truly soaked while riding a motorcycle. Years in fact. It happened now and […]

Collecting Nuances

In visiting museums and collections, I would always be intrigued and amazed by those who were very focused in their acquisitions. Just one marque, or […]

A Fuel’s Errand

Simplicity is good. Few moving parts, a basic electrical layout, black paint, no frills. This could be a description of the Ford model T, but […]

Weekend Warriors

Being in the midst of building a street car that can go to the track and pass tech inspection, I am struck by the contrast […]

On Being Far Away

Joshua Tree National Park is thousands of miles from home. It does not look like home.  It does not smell like home. It is dry […]

The Era Error

The Classic Velocity crew considers the postwar period from the late 1940s to the late 1970s to be an era. Why? Because it is a […]