Fritz Klager was first and foremost, a motorcycle racer, but in the 1950s, he built engines and gearboxes for himself and for friends. He was […]

2 Wheels and 200 MPH

Today, you can walk into most major motorcycle dealerships, and purchase a motorcycle that will do 200 MPH. You even have your choice of options […]


If this seems like a good model name for a motorcycle, you are partially right. The BMW 700 was a very important vehicle for the […]

Konig Racer

We covered the Konig marque previously in these pages (see Konig Watercraft to Motorcraft and A Cancelled Combination), but Iron and Air just published a […]

Don Garlits Museum

Your eyes do not deceive you. You may be asking, what could the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing possibly have to do with a […]

Limerock 2017

For us, Labor Day weekend is synonymous with the Limerock Vintage Motorsports Weekend. The event has graced these pages many times before (see Lapping Limerock […]

Weekend Warriors

Being in the midst of building a street car that can go to the track and pass tech inspection, I am struck by the contrast […]

Vegas Vintage

Although there is a pretty famous vintage motorcycle auction held in Las Vegas each January, it is not typically a Mecca for vintage two-wheeled machines. […]

An Extra 50cc

The Adler M200 was introduced at the Frankfurt show in 1951. It was a twin cylinder with alloy heads, helical gears connecting the primary drive […]

MZ Gelandesport

Although the basics of MZ as a motorcycle manufacturer in the former East Germany have been covered here before (see MuZings) , it is time now […]

Chapman’s Trophys

Although predominately a blog for German Marques, there are certain British brands that have always had a strong appeal. Regular readers will be aware of […]