New York to Old York

It was the best of bikes, it was the worst of bikes…..Saturday’s trip to New York for the NYC Motorcycle show (see preceeding post) was […]

2010 NY Motorcycle Show

An infallible cure for the winter blues is an opportunity to immerse yourself in products and services surrounding your passion. You don’t have to actually […]

Dakar Dreaming

The Dakar rally was founded by Frenchman Thierry Sabine after he got lost on his bike somewhere in the Sahara. Apparently, he thought it would […]

Retrospective Recycling

The road to successful rebirth of once heralded motorcycle marques is strewn with the carcases of the fallen, and has relatively few spectacular winners. Indian, […]

2009 Top Ten

    Something about this time of year causes people to make lists. Perhaps it stems from the annual holiday letters with the list of […]

Out of Many, One

So there I was driving along a country road when BAM!! it hit me….The key to understanding mankind. In the quest to more fully understand […]

The Off-Season is On

Well, the off-season for the WRC, MotoGP, and F1 continues to be colorful. First, the WRC will have Kimi Raikonnen among its drivers for 2010. […]