So there I was driving along a country road when BAM!! it hit me….The key to understanding mankind. In the quest to more fully understand mankind, I have often found that the car and motorcycle enthusiast world offers unique insight. There are many different peoples, yet we are of the same species. We inhabit different countries, and within those countries are communities. Within the communities, there are many different faiths. Within the country of Ford, there is the Mustang community. Within that community, there are the originalians, the shelbyans, and the newstangs. These faiths are united when discussing the Model T community, but will be brutally dismissive of each other when operating within the mustang community. To the originalians, the newstangs desecrate the altar and exhibit other heathen-like behavior. At least the Model Ts can claim ignorance! In the country of Racing, are the communities of Hillclimb, drag, rally, nascar, and F1. Within the F1 community are the catechins, the driverians, and let us not forget the umbrellians. Any interaction between the NASCAR community and F1 catechins leaves dead bodies strewn about the battlefield like confetti after new year’s eve in times square. The country of sportbike includes the exclusivities on their MV Agustas, the litermen on their R1s and CBRs, and beware the bling on their Hyabusas and ZX14s (they have been known to airbrush people right out of existence).

So too it is with the experimenters. Their communities include people who run their vehicles on bovine flatulence (abundant), people who drive a barstool (some of these folks moved to Racing), and others who just want to prove that something can be done. Which brings me back to my country road and the jacked-up country squire you see here. This is not just an idle afternoon’s work. It is a labor of love, and what force can serve to unite all peoples other than love…..

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