Executive Express

Among the German automakers, Mercedes has an interesting history of both performance and luxury. Because of it’s roots (see Happy 125th Benz), it has always […]

Class and Style

Nothing says classy like a big Mercedes. There has been a Mercedes in the garage on and off for a long time, and the former […]

Happy 125th Benz

On January 29th, 1886 Karl Benz filed the patent for what is arguably the first automobile. It came to be referred to as the Motorwagen. […]

Chasing Claude

250SL Engine BayMy friend Ron just bought a Mercedes 380SL, and it brought back memories of the SL that I had owned some years ago, […]

A Lesser Model

In case study #1 on compromise, The Substitute, we covered settling for some other brand of vehicle when you could not find or afford what you wanted. […]