Nothing says classy like a big Mercedes. There has been a Mercedes in the garage on and off for a long time, and the former 230SL should never have departed. The Fintail cars are nice, but finding a decent driver for sensible money is very rare. I was looking for a 220S when I stumbled upon this 280SE. It is the six cylinder with Bosch mechanical fuel injection, quite similar to the BMW 2002tii. A decent driver for low money, and it is already running!!

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  1. This car is from the era when MB was unique – nothing on the market at the time had the same kind of funky interior. We had a 74 240D that had a pull starter on the dashboard. You pulled it our half way to light the glow plug ( in the dash no less ) then engaged the starter by pulling out one notch futher!

    1. Dear Alan, thanks for your comment. I agree with you. You would never mixup a Mercedes with anything else in that era. Cheers

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