2 Wheels and 200 MPH

Today, you can walk into most major motorcycle dealerships, and purchase a motorcycle that will do 200 MPH. You even have your choice of options […]

Down the Lane

Nashville, Tenessee naturally brings to mind Country Music and the Grand Ole Opry, Whiskey, and the smoky mountains. A great automotive museum ? Not so […]

NSU Supermax

Neckarsulm Strickmaschinen Union (NSU) emerged from producing knitting machines and bicycles to motorcycles and cars. By the  mid 1950s, NSU had grown to become one […]

First Wankel

In 1963 at the Frankfurt International Motor Show, NSU introduced the world’s first production car with a Wankel engine. The Wankel Spider was designed by […]

NSU Sport Prinz

NSU introduced the small NSU Prinz in the mid 1950s as basic transportation for the masses. the company was dominant in the two-wheeled market, and […]

NSU Konsul

In 1950s postwar Germany, NSU was well known for its motorcycles. In fact, it was the largest producer of motorcycles in the world. The NSU […]

Sammy Miller Museum

On previous occasions, we have commented on the tendency to locate impressive museums in nondescript industrial warehouses (see hidden treasures).  In the UK, the equivalent is […]

NSU Missiles

Prior to WWII, Several of the German manufacturers, like many around the world, had discovered the allure of supercharging. NSU was one of them. Just […]

NSU R080

As postwar Europe was beginning to hit its stride in the early 1960s, NSU was thinking that it needed a larger sedan. It began developing […]


In previous posts, we have covered cars derived from motorcycles, and here is yet another. In the late 1950s, NSU introduced a microcar in the […]