Safely home in the garage, the first round of fixing¬† begins. the oil gets drained and the sump nut is replaced with a magnetic version. The slingers need all the help that they can get, until I get to see what they look like. One of the rubber carb-to-airtube boots are shot, so I replace both and the grommets at the airbox as well. Strangely, there are 2 different plugs in the bike, so they get yanked in favor of a pair of new NGKs. Inside the headlight shell, I hope the neutral light is a simple blown bulb affair. It is not. The circuit board looks good, but you can’t tell so the neutral light diagnostics will continue another day. The speedometer bulb is blown, and a wire is broken, so that situation gets remedied. All in all, we are off to a good start….

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