Perfect fall weather always seems like an invitation to take the R50 for a lengthy meandering to no place in particular. Cue the weatherman…..”Today will be a picture perfect fall day with highs in the low seventies, and sunny skies. No humidity to speak of and….” I was out the door before they finished. I headed roughly to the south and east, and quickly came across a favorite red barn. One side had been repainted, and it presented a striking contrast to the rest of the facade. I wondered if other barns were being repainted, and in so doing, I would risk losing the wonderful patina that coats them. Only one way to find out, and that would be to visit a healthy sampling of them. Not hard to do in these parts.

I needn’t have worried. It turns out no one else was repainting barns, and weatherbeaten red was still the color in fashion. A few green, and a couple white, but red was the clear winner. If I had traced the route on a map, it would look like the manic scribblings of a lunatic. Back and forth, crossing over the route, darting off at strange angles, u-turns. All of it taken in stride on the perfect vehicle for meandering country roads in search of red barns. The BMW R50/2.

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