Its about time

Time has been scarce of late. So an afternoon ride was squeezed in amongst errands. I am still chasing the bug that turns the driving […]

Interior lighting

As a people carrier. The bus came with the normal dim door-activated lights. I replaced the bulbs with brighter LED versions, but they are small […]

Firm Footing

It only took a single incident. Just off the road in what looked like firm gravel, I put the bike on the sidestand. As I […]

New Voltage

Well the prior post was a false positive! The battery did in fact take a full charge, however it lost all ability to retain it. […]

Logging Miles

Time to get some miles in the saddle, and some impressions. First of all, the poweris greater than the 2010, but not that noticeable in […]

Navigating Nav Units

The RT comes with a glaring hole in the dash for a navigation unit. Ideally a BMW Navigator V or VI. These units are rebranded […]

Tail Tales

The original plan was to sell the Givi V46 formerly mounted on the 2010 RT, now that I had a genuine BMW top box. However, […]

Let The Farkling Commence

Within minutes of arrival at the garage, the “essentials” are added to the RT. The SW-Motech EVO 2 has been on multiple machines, and continues […]

Last Look

The Westy is off to a new home with an enthusiastic new owner and travels around the country in its future.

Night vision

Technology can be a wonderful thing. Just a few years ago, state of the art for headlights was an expensive and complex HID setup. Today […]


This is why. The reconnecting with solitude, and the greater tendency to find yourself communing with nature at sunrise as the mist rises off the […]

Future wheels

Some time ago, I had started a search for Mercedes alloys to replace the stock rims and provide some better options for rubber. The Vanagon […]

The Penthouse

Compared to a Westy, the tintop is lacking the nice loft for sleeping and or storage. It is also missing the cabinets. The solution was […]