Velocity Rallye attendee Stuart and I had been planning to go out for a drive for many weekends, but weather, work, etc had conspired to prevent it. We were finally set for a Saturday morning when the vintage 911 gang announced plans for a drive. Great, yet another gathering by members of the Erste Gruppe, and I had a logistical challenge since I needed to be back home before noon.

The solution was to drive with Stuart out to the starting point in NJ some 75 miles away, hang out with the group until departure, and then return solo. I would of course miss the whole drive, but the car needed some exercise, and Stuart and I got some driving in. It was mostly interstate and parkway up to the starting point where the gang was assembling.

Once there, it was fun to ogle the eclectic group of Porsches gathered, as well as a couple of non-p-cars such as a 2002, and a Bentley. I also got to see Lewis’ lovely Saab Sonnett. The group had a great time, and a thread over at the Early 911 site has more pics.

On the way back, I took skipped the interstate and drove through some of the best part of the NJ in the northwest “spirited” drive home. With a little luck I will hopefully make more runs going forward.


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