As usual, I have been here before. A good deal on a very nice /5. These bikes are considered by many to be a high point in BMW motorcycle development. They improve on the /2 (very hard to do IMHO) in engine design and durability, they perform well enough to be current daily riders, and they remain simple to maintain. The last time I owned an R75/5, the machine had 77K miles on it, and I went through the bike and turned it into a cafe racer (see the previous R75/5). Ironically, that bike came to me in factory red, just like this one. I later sold the red bodywork to a buyer on the west coast, and it funded a good bit of the transformation. This time it will be different. I intend to keep the bike red, and in stock condition. It needs some cleanup and a few things, but not much in order to be a nice rider. and with 41K miles, it is just a babe in arms….


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