2 Year Tune-Up

On a recent nice day, I thought that I would take the E out to get the oil circulating for an oil change. I turned […]

Pistons and Beer

Well, the big news with the R60 made the main blog (see Runs Great, Needs Pistons) . That lead to some serious garage time and some […]

Right Pipes

One of the pipes had a hole in it from being bruised against the left lower shock mount. The sound was actually not bad for […]

Looks vs Loud

The twin Stebel horns that came on the R75 are much louder than stock. They are a common upgrade for many bikes as a safety […]

First Moves

This bike is in pretty good shape already, but as usual there were a few changes and touches I have in mind in order to […]


Well, part of the poor running at wide open mystery has been revealed. One carb was certainly running much richer than the other. After another […]

Moving On

This is one of those sales that I know I will regret in a few years.  Space problems dictated a move of the car and […]

New Shoes

This must be the year of the tire. I have purchased more tires this year than in the previous 3 years. However, they were all […]

Gauging Progress

One of the more cosmetic areas on the bike that I am not opposed to tackling is the only gauge it has. Typically, the position […]


Some new jets arrived from Bing, and I spent a few hours installing them and rebalancing the carbs. Voila ! The big lag seems to […]

Making Fire

Somehow, the relatively new plugs in the R60 are fouled. It of course has something to do with the carburetor troubles that prevent it from […]

Back Home Again

Well, the outsourcing deal did not last long !! The R60 is back in the garage but now in assembled form. There are a few […]

Slow Progress

The mating of the chassis and motor is being done by a well-regarded shop in the area. The motor is completed, and the car is […]

Swinging Away

In another small fit of progress, some more of the wiring is disconnected, and the headlight shell is now ready for removal. At the rear […]