It is safe to say that in all my years of searching, purchasing, owning, and looking at Airheads, I have never found one that included the owners manual and the toolkit essentially complete. This was a first. Now the owners manual was not in good shape, and the toolkit had a few items added, but they were both all there. Other pleasant surprises included new plugs and a new battery. Lastly, despite having the fairing, the turn signal stalks were not hacksawed, bent, or otherwise distorted. It was clearly setup to return to stock if needed. And it is needed. In the not so pleasant department is the seat which has a number of small tears consistent with the leather being exposed to the elements and high wear. Not an issue as this will return to stock as well.

The biggest positive is that I got it to start. It took a while with some ether and sanding of the points, and it ran poorly on one cylinder for a while, but it ran. We are off to a fairly good start.

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    1. The fairing will not be staying. It is kind of cool in a period correct sort of way, but not my cup of tea. It will join my /2 luftmeister fairing in the garage art department 😉

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