The bike came with a locking storage compartment on the right side keyed to the seat, but the lock was not correct for the bike and it came loose with any significant vibration……like running the bike!  The left side had the correct latch mechanism, but not a locking one. I thought about keeping the bike’s paperwork under the seat velcroed to the tool tray, as I had done on a previous airhead, but the plastic pouch really does not fit well in the rhomboid tray. Same for the rear tray. Even if I did, I would still be in danger of losing the compartment lid in a gust of wind.

The fix was easy. Seven dollars and a new cylindrical lock from the local hardware store. However, this now introduced another key for the bike. I opted to live with another key in exchange for having it secure. A bit of foam was trimmed to further tension the lid. On this machine, there is no real need for a small tank bag, as I usually like to carry given the space in these two forward compartments. It is too bad that on the modern RT these spaces are now reduced to very small coin pockets.

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