Part of the appeal of a mid 1970s vehicle is that the fashion and taste of that era is right there in your face. Love it or hate it. The blue/green plaid interior is not original to the bus, but it is correct for the year. As usual, the rear seat and bunk area is in good shape, but the driver and passenger seats are not so much. In fact, the driver seat is just cloth over springs! To save the original fabric, the seats need to be addressed right away. Sheep skins were a common solution, and great if you are in Canada, but we are not. New covers and pads are available but pricey. The existing skins are in ok shape, but have wear and tear in key places. The padding and internals show evidence of multiple DIY attempts, and the headrests need new zippers, so I hand them over to my local upholstery wizard. Given the plans for this bus, a refurbishing may look better than new product. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

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