There is something about the German approach to turn signals and hazard lights in the sixties and seventies that is worthy of study. Our 66 bus has the mother of all relays controlling everything, so any problem points to that box. BMW motorcycles had a non-conventional turn signal layout for decades after the industry standardized. The former Mercedes 230SE had a wacky combination of relays in series, and the 2002 runs everything through the hazard light switch before going on to  more relays. The switch in the car went bad and since it failed in the on position, the previous owner simply removed the turn signal relay to turn them off. Or the relay may have been bad, but either way it was missing.

Since that is yet another $60 relay, I decided to use a hack from the 2002faq forum which allows the use of a common $10 auto parts store relay. It works perfectly, but I still had to pony up for a replacement switch, despite having a non-compatible early version in the parts stash. The end result is working turn signals and hazard lights, so all ends well.

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