With the windows tinted, the next step was the interior insulation. First was the walls and sliding door. After a lot of research I decided to use R-Max. This is not a live-in van so it seemed appropriate. It is only somewhat flexible, so a lot of cuts had to be made in order to fit the cavities. Most of the pieces were wedged, but smaller sections were taped to keep them in place.

The floor got a combination of sound deadening and insulation. I had a bunch of leftover Kilmat from a prior project so strips were placed in the corrugated channels. Then Thermo Ply insulating sheathing was placed on top. That will be covered by 1/8 plywood and Vinyl laminate flooring. The idea was to have minimal impact on height overall. The combination of materials will be just 1/2” total above the upper corrugations, so I was pleased with the result.