Readers are already aware of my recidivism with the RT. I have owned every generation except the R1100, where I just cannot get past the looks. Other than that, an R80RT, 2 R100RTs, an R1150RT, and 2 hexhead R1200RTs. So it was probably inevitable, that I would own the next generation. In this case, a 2016 R1200RT LC. That;s right, I finally own a boxer with a radiator. The 2010 and the GS are gone to make the switch.

So why, you ask? I only need one modern machine. It has to be capable of many miles in comfort for rider and passenger, it has to have decent fuel range, it has to have cruise control, It has to have shaft drive, it has to handle well, it had to have low mileage, and it has to be fast enough. Check, check, check, check, check. Truth be told, the 2010 did most of those things, but none as well as the next generation. It accelerates and handles like a sportbike of a few years ago. It has great electronics. It is 6 years newer than the previous RT. It looks great.

And so a new chapter begins…..

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