The original plan was to sell the Givi V46 formerly mounted on the 2010 RT, now that I had a genuine BMW top box. However, I just could not get used to the bulk of it. There was no argument with the 49L volume it would swallow, but even then, the weight limitation was no greater than the Givi at 22lbs, yet it weighed twice as much! In comparison the Givi was still a generous 46 liters, would hold 2 helmets (just), seemed more aerodynamic with its rounded shape, and looked soooo much better. It was not as solid in terms of attachment or heft, but I had thousands of miles with this on the back without issue. I decided to mount each back to back, go for a ride, and make a decision.

BMW Specs

Givi Specs

The Givi won. Aesthetically, it was significantly better to my taste, but that same shape made it feel far smaller when stuffing in a jacket and helmet. The BMW case is inarguably better in volume and in attachment to the bike. If I needed all the room I could get, it would have been the easy winner. But 3 additional liters was not enough to sway me. It doesn’t help that I can buy 3 Givis for the price of the BMW case.

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