It was just staring at me there from within the RT storage crate. It had been acquired at some point in time at a swap meet or in some crate of parts associated with either the R100RT or the R80RT, or the R1150RT, I’m not sure which. I’m also not sure why it had never been taken out of the packaging or installed. It seems like a good idea if you have limited storage, and it would fit just about any application. What I’m referring to is a license plate storage locker, which is designed to sit between your license plate and whatever it is mounted to. The only piece of it that ends up being visible is the small lock. As you might imagine, it is not the strongest of locks, but it is enough to secure paperwork or a spare $5 bill. More importantly, it is security by stealth, as you really have to pay attention to even know that it’s there . I finally decided that it was time for it to be installed on the vehicle, and the new RT was coincidentally ready as I had taken off the license plate to deal with some reflectors.

Installation was a little bit more of a pain than I thought. The locker itself has indications of where holes need to be drilled, but it is not thrilled. The section or the lid to which the license plate is actually attached, has sockets for screws rather than the reflectors that I was trying to install in the 1st place, so they needed to be drilled out and shaved a little in order for things to work as designed. It is about an inch thick, so it does move your license plate out a little from its mounting point, and that does result in a little less illumination from the license plate light. Did I need it? No. Is it useful? Maybe. However, it will no longer stare at me endlessly from within the RT storage crate.

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