Just like the previous generation RT, there is nothing wrong with the Headlight. It is large, and bright, and illuminates the road ahead better than any motorcycle before it. And now it has the angel eyes daytime running lights to make things even better. However, I was really impressed with a presentation at the 2019 MOA by the folks from Skene Lights. They were focused on conspicuity, and extolled the virtues of a triangular pattern of lights. Accordingly, I decided to add driving lights on the engine guards down low. While I would have loved to replicate the Clearwater Darla lights I had on the GS, extensive night driving is not on the menu any more, and a constrained budget IS on the menu. I was inevitably drawn toward the many LED options on the Web. I had been well served by the Kree lights on the previous RT and the R100GSPD. I finally found a set of yellow lights, with good reviews, and pulled the trigger.

Judging by the tools and debris around the bike, you would think that I had just performed major surgery, rather than install a pair of driving lights. It involved T-handles, and vice-grips, and a heat gun, and a drill, and wire strippers, and a file, and zip ties, etc. It also took a while, mainly due to the routing of wires within the bodywork, which of course means removing body panels on the RT. With all of the hard work done, mounting the lights was relatively easy, and this same set of wires, switch, and relay, can be used for any universal LED lights. A brief night run shows that more light is thrown down the road. A view from head-on, shows that the triangle of conspicuity has been achieved.

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