It started out as a lovely day for a ride with relatively clear skies and a plan to meander in an easterly direction. Somehow, I got lost in thought and by the time I looked around the skies were gray and I was riding into a front. Temps dipped, the wind picked up and it looked like rain ahead, but felt good with the windshield down. I course-corrected to the south and ran into a very light drizzle. Up went the windshield to a medium height just so the drizzle was deflected. Job done. Then it stopped and the windshield went down to welcome the cool air. Then it started again as light rain and it went all the way up. Amazingly, I stayed completely dry while riding for a few minutes in actual rain. Even my boots were dry which is a testament to the RT fairing. As I turned west the skies go brighter and the shield went down once more to maximize airflow.

You take for granted how much a ride experience can be changed by a piece of gear or technology. In this case, the rain had no significant impact on the ride despite being present on and off for a third of it. That magic windshield button me it so.

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