Rubber Change

So there I was, longing for the old days when changing a tire was as simple as slipping out the axle and removing the wheel. […]

Back in the Saddle

Somehow, the R60 has just been neglected at the back of the garage. Part of the issue is that with the cramped space something has […]

Because causeway

On a beautiful Saturday morning, appointments room me to an area near the causeway. It was early enough to risk a quick run across and […]

A BMW Motorrad Winter

To wrap up 2020, here is a collection of BMW motorcycle winter images, and a video…. Credits include Classic Velocity, Snowbum, Bike Exif, Classic Motorbikes, […]

A Harmonious Ton

62MPH equals 100KPH, which is technically doing the metric ton. It is not very fast these days, but it is not slow either. It happens […]

Side Sight

The passenger side wing mirror has been a longtime thorn in the …..wait for it…..side. the base block was worn out and my spare was […]

The Mishap

Well it was bound to happen. A super crowded garage, with no real room between vehicles, and a sudden need to get something out. In […]

On selling an airhead

If you normally sell your vehicle via a high-end concierge auction service, where your only knowledge of the transaction is an eventual slight bump in […]

BMW MOA Rally 2019

5:07am Lebanon, TN. I am standing in darkness that has a tinge of the coming dawn. It is a cool if not slightly chilly 63 […]

Mid America 02 Fest 2019

For 19 years, the Mid America 02 Fest has taken place in Eureka Springs, Arkansas with a brief departure to Hermann Missouri some time ago. […]


If this seems like a good model name for a motorcycle, you are partially right. The BMW 700 was a very important vehicle for the […]

MOA Rally 2018

With all due respect, the state fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa would not be on the top 10 list of places to go see in […]

The Cult Turns 50

In the course of the average human life, you don’t get to celebrate too many 50 year anniversaries that happened entirely on your watch. Even […]

A Bavarian Shoe

Even from the official launch, the E36/8 has produced polarizing reactions. Love it or hate it. It is hard to believe that these cars are […]

Collecting Nuances

In visiting museums and collections, I would always be intrigued and amazed by those who were very focused in their acquisitions. Just one marque, or […]


It had been a while since the R60 had logged some road miles. This sunny fall day had started out with a plan to get […]