California Contemplations

Dry air, and a temperate climate, combine to make southern California a vintage vehicle mecca. On a recent trip, after about a year locked down […]


These pages generally cover the world of German cars and motorcycles from the postwar period through to the 1970s with occasional forays into the 1980s. […]

A BMW Motorrad Winter

To wrap up 2020, here is a collection of BMW motorcycle winter images, and a video…. Credits include Classic Velocity, Snowbum, Bike Exif, Classic Motorbikes, […]

Vintage Vs Virus

The Covid virus continues to take a horrendous toll on lives and livelihoods, so our sympathies go out to those who have had personal and […]

Goliath GP700

  Goliath was a subsidiary brand of Bremen-based Borgward (See The Many Faces of Borgward). Although Goliath had produced passenger cars before WWII, it was […]

Zundapp GS125

The term GS, short for Gelande Strasse, when applied to motorcycles, has become synonymous with large and imposing swiss army knife bikes from BMW. The […]


Fritz Klager was first and foremost, a motorcycle racer, but in the 1950s, he built engines and gearboxes for himself and for friends. He was […]

Bug Jam 2019

For an outdoor weekend event complete with camping in November, Florida sounds like the right place. And so it is every year that thousands make […]

Durkopp MD200

The Durkopp brand started in 1867, and has been covered here before (see DURKOPP – MOTORIZED CYCLES TO MOPEDS ). Motorcycles were produced into the […]

The Early Early 911

The production Porsche 911 did not appear until the mid 1960s, but as early as 1959, work was beginning on the successor to the popular […]

A Grand Goodbye

Although we have covered Hoffmann in general here before, the flagship Hoffmann Governeur S300 had very bad timing. to say the least. It was the […]

The Unexpected

We have previously featured collections and museums that are hidden, or that perhaps have surprising content, but we at least went looking for them. We […]