As many times as I have been to the Hershey swap meet, Porsche swap meet, and even Hershey Park, I had never visited the Museum that I drove past many times.

On a trip with a few hours to spare, I finally had a chance to stop in. As you might expect, it caters to vintage cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

That said, it is very eclectic with museum-quality restorations and highly customized creations such as the 2007 Ridler Award winner. The cars were cool, and some of the dioramas were amazingly authentic (particularly the diner.

However, on this visit, I was focused on the bikes. They also ranged from the earliest to the contemporary, but the older bikes continue to fascinate given the lack of computers and even good machining tools at the time, it seems miraculous that these machines ran at all, much less for a long time in some cases. Engine configurations and variations abounded with all numbers of cylinders between 1 and 8 (except for 5 and 7) You can certainly see why motorcycling was an adventurous sport with outings from which you might not return…

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