Don’t you just hate it when your exquisite taste in vehicles matches the current fashion trend? Right now late 60s and early 70s stuff is in vogue. Lots of people (mostly of a generation born well after this time period) currently think it is cool to ride a cafe racer or drive a 1971 BMW 2002. Worse, some of them actually do extensive research courtesy of the web and know what they are talking about, and have 5 friends who are thinking about forming a club! These vehicles are showing up in commercials, and I have even received a call or 2 about a potential role for a vehicle as an extra. What is going on?

For decades, many of us could lament the fact that people just don’t get it, with the comfort of knowing that they probably never would. It was a safe bet until the current generation decided that this stuff was cool. They are right of course, and though their interest may be passing, some of them are genuinely smitten. They are buying basket cases and daily drivers and doing rolling restorations and growing sideburns!! This is all good, but it does mean that there is more competition for that killer deal that relatively few would otherwise be interested in. Plus, they can outsprint you at the swapmeets. Be careful what you wish for…..


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