After another long period of inactivity, it is back to work on the 914. I needed to start it and take it for a brief drive. That means I needed to get both stock wheels on the front of the car, rather than one and the spare with so-so tires. That means I needed to get the Yokohamas I had from the basement, and get them mounted. That in turn means a trip to the local tire place, which was ok because I needed to charge the weak battery.

The next day, it meant I needed to bolt the seat in place. That meant I needed to get the driver’s side seat belt to work. That meant I needed to get the carpeting in that area tamed.  And that in turn meant I needed to get the handbrake routing sorted. So there were another few hours of work before I could start the thing and get it on the road.

The car started smoothly, and actually drove fine for it’s first concentric circle run. Once up to temp, the throttle was smoother and it showed some impressive go. There is definite sporting intent in this go-kart. There was a rattle from the rear trunklid hinge which I sorted out, and a few things to check out like the handbrake light. Other than that, a successful circle that sets the stage for the next spurt of progress.

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