It may seem like the tii has not been out much, but it flew up to Pocono as you can read in the Back In A Minute post, and went down to New hope just a week ago. The trek to Carlisle for the Import and Kit Replicar Show was something of an annual pilgrimage for a long time. However, I missed the last one or two for various reasons. This year, Ed’s car was in good enough shape to make the show, but not to drive the 2 hours needed to get there so he trailered it. I followed in the tii and we had an uneventful trip out. At the event, the showfield had a 7 or 8 2002s along with several other variations of BMW. More impressive was Ed Ulsom’s collection of jaw-dropping cars. It included a Bauer Cabriolet, a turbo, and a beautiful black Touring model. Great cars, and rare ones on this side of the Atlantic. For more on the show see the post on the main blog.

The tii continues to be of interest wherever it goes. In particular, people believe the interior is a custom creation rather than factory. It ran flawlessly as usual. Coming back was mostly 80 MPH+ and the car just cruised along. I will need to flush the cooling system though as it ocurred to me that it has been a couple of years now. I also turned on the AC for a bit, and it is cool, but not cold. It has also been a couple of years on that front. I also have the passenger side mirror to replace. Time to tackle a few issues.

PS: I am actively in search of the owner of the Golf-colored 2002tii next to the Nittany Bimmers tent (pictured here). It has an interesting air filter fitment that I would like to discuss.

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