This was scheduled to be the last of the Breakfast runs circling parts of eastern Pennsylvania. The weather was just about perfect, and the crew always jumps to take advantage not knowing how many driveable weekend days are left in the season. The Targa had been suffering from battery maladies and a broken gas cap cable. With the run as motivation, late on Saturday night, I replaced the cable with the new one which had been sitting patiently for a couple of months. I then pulled the battery that had been on the trickle charger and stuck it in the car. Seemed strong, and I went to bed.

The Targa is thankfully quieter than the Coupe, so I did not have to worry about waking the neighbors in the dark of Sunday morning. I headed out to my normal gas stop and got some Sunoco Ultra. I adjusted the mixture on the Zenith carbs a bit as they seemed to be running rich. The car felt great once it warmed up and the now popping Zenith carbs settled down. I need to rebuild these carbs this winter. There was a glorious sunrise as I drove out to the rendezvous site, and it had all the hallmarks of a glorious day.

All of the regulars were at the meet point, and we promptly took off into the countryside at speeds that may have exceeded posted limits at times 😉 Unlike the Coupe, the Targa is a stock 2.2, and it had to be kept on the boil in order to stay up with the squadron. And stay up with them it did! The Targa also has the stock steering wheel and more body roll. While you might think that this would detract from a performance run like this, it was actually great fun to drive the car at its limits and slide around on the stock seats while chasing the thoroughbreds.

Breakfast was good as usual and I got a great idea for altering the horrible new PA antique plates. The crew discussed the possibility of another run, perhaps thanksgiving weekend. We can’t resist one last run…

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