It really did take this long to put the R60 back together. There was a conspiracy of missing ordered parts, procrastination, lack of time, other projects, etc. However, I was determined not to be that guy. You know, the one who took a vehicle apart and has made no progress many years later, and yet wont sell because he is gonna fix it up any day now. That guy. In a sudden flurry of activity over a long weekend, the new pistons, rings, and gudgeon pins got installed. The heads went back on, the timing was set, and just like that, the machine was complete again.

With new oil and fresh gas, it fired on the second kick. However, once under load, it ran poorly. Back at the garage, I left it overnight and then re-torqued the heads and reset all of the valves. I also replaced the spark plugs. It took a dozen kicks for it to fire, but once it did it was immediately smoother. Once warm, a quick ride confirmed that it was feeling like its former self. I am taking it easy with new pistons, but barring further problems, the R60 is back !

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