Most think of Horch for their massive luxurious pre-war cars, but they existed in the postwar period as well. From 1956 to 1959, Horch produced the P240, better known as the Sachsenring. Manufacturer VEB Kraftfahrzeugwerk Horch Zwickau introduced the Sachsenring as the East German option for a luxury vehicle. It was a 2.4 liter 6 cylinder 4 door sedan which was tiny by the standards of pre-war Horch, but generous by post-war standards.

Horch intoduced a cabriolet version and an estate version to maximize leverage of the platform’s tooling and (it is suspected) to impress government officials.

Sales were predictably dismal in the postwar eastern block. In addition, the Comecon which controlled who produced what, decided that either Horch or more established Tatra should produce luxury cars, but not both. Trials were conducted to evaluate both options, and Tatra prevailed. The Sachsenring ended production in 1959, but there was a brief resumption in 1969 for some parade cars.

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