These pages generally cover the world of German cars and motorcycles from the postwar period through to the 1970s with occasional forays into the 1980s. […]

Goliath GP700

  Goliath was a subsidiary brand of Bremen-based Borgward (See The Many Faces of Borgward). Although Goliath had produced passenger cars before WWII, it was […]

Bug Jam 2019

For an outdoor weekend event complete with camping in November, Florida sounds like the right place. And so it is every year that thousands make […]

The Early Early 911

The production Porsche 911 did not appear until the mid 1960s, but as early as 1959, work was beginning on the successor to the popular […]

The Unexpected

We have previously featured collections and museums that are hidden, or that perhaps have surprising content, but we at least went looking for them. We […]

Audi 100

The combination of companies that were brought together to form Audi have been well covered here before (see A Most Important Failure, Audi F103, NSU […]

Mercedes Benz SL-X

There are a lot of great-looking cars that never made it to production throughout the history of the automobile. The Mercedes Benz SL-X is one […]

Proof of Passion

It is a rare fan of vintage iron, that does not also possess a few other items which indicate that they are a fan. Who […]

Mid America 02 Fest 2019

For 19 years, the Mid America 02 Fest has taken place in Eureka Springs, Arkansas with a brief departure to Hermann Missouri some time ago. […]

No Dough 2019

It has been mentioned before on these pages, that behind many of the events that we have witnessed and enjoyed, is a person with a […]

Platform As Canvas

Somehow, the cars of mid-20th-century Germany lend themselves more than the products of any other nation, to become platforms for Art. Why? I do not […]

Bitter SC

The Bitter SC was the successor to the Bitter CD chronicled here before (see Sweet Bitter). It entered the market in 1979, even as CDs […]