The day dawned grey and with a very fine mist of rain. Temperatures were cool. Not ideal for a ride, but this had been planned for a while and it was going to happen. On to the rendezvous site.

Breakfast with friends and a Yamaha Tenere, meant a trip down river road to New Hope. This is a favorite road on a weekend morning before the traffic gets heavy with herds of Harleys. Even 2up, the 1190 barely notices the additional weight under acceleration. If this machine was on street tires, it would be a monster on the street, and a decent touring rig.

Playing around with rain mode revealed a more docile throttle response, which was fine for slick corners on the TKC 80s. As things dried out though it was back to street mode. The stock seat which was temporarily back on the bike proved why it is only good for short stints. It is thin and feels like you are sitting on the seat pan after about an hour.  Passenger accommodations are reportedly similar.

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