Normal Duties

One way to restore faith in the clutch is to take a 100 mile ride. In this case, a mixed ride of highway and city […]

Clutch Capers

After a really long cold spell, I went to free the 1190R for a short ride to circulate oil. Although it started without issue, I […]

70s Follow 80s

4000 miles, of close to 60/40 road/dirt, and the rear TKC80 was done. Squared off with a few blocks cracked and threatening to come off […]

West Virginia Voyage

A riding club in the region, Laurel Highlands BMW Riders, had an annual pilgrimage to Bridge Day in Fayetteville, West Virginia. The state tourist board […]

Upper Guards

I am not sure why the 1190 Adventure R comes with lower bars but no upper bars. The upper plastic just begs for some protection, […]

Sport Mode

Today was a chance to play around on paved roads. It was also a chance to spend some time in Sport Mode to see how […]

Back in the Dirt

A beautiful day, a few hours, and the 1190R. That’s all you need. On this day, a mix of 60 road miles and 60 dirt […]

Service Alert

Suddenly, the service alert is on when the bike starts. It is frustrating that there is no info about the general nature of the issue […]

Fuel Guage Follies

All of a sudden, a few maladies have begun to pop up. The first is the fuel garage. This is well documented on the forums, […]

Sporting Around Sproul

A cool and cloudy morning left the roads completely clear in the early morning. That gave the 1190R a chance to clear its’ lungs. The […]

Finishing Farkling

A multi-hour garage session allowed us to finish wiring the Clearwater lights. Rather than hack the factory harness or tie into the high beams, I […]

Cabin Fever Fest

A February weekend with almost 70 degree highs and sunny skies meant that all the frustrated two-wheeled faithful were out on the roads. It felt […]

Recall Rendevous

A recall letter (details below) provided a good excuse to ride to the dealer 80 miles away. The day was colder than expected, so it […]

Against the Elements

The forecast was technically accurate, but not useful. A high in the sixties, partially sunny. For mid-November, this was going to be an ideal chance […]

The Case for a Rack

This started at the GS Giants rally, where a riding partner had a Pelican case on the rear of his R12GS. Nothing unusual there, as […]

Aux Fuel

The luggage racks came with the ability to attach a 1 gallon Rotax fuel container. Not needed under normal circumstances as the tank holds 6 […]