After a really long cold spell, I went to free the 1190R for a short ride to circulate oil. Although it started without issue, I soon noticed that there was no resistance in the clutch lever. A quick peek into the reservoir identified the problem. It was dry! Bone dry!!  Fortunately, it uses mineral oil, and I had some handy. In short order, the clutch Lever returned to normal feel, but now I have a trust issue. Why was it dry, and where did the oil go? Did the cold temperatures contribute? Searching online produced quite a few discussions about clutch slave cylinder issues, including common aftermarket replacements. That is fine, but I will go the dealer route first. This is a machine with only 4500 miles on it and even with cable operated clutches, I have almost never had a clutch issue, so this is vexing on a very low mileage bike.

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