A 1966 15 Window, a 1975 Westy, and ___________. The next logical vehicle in the sequence would be a 1980s bus. In this case a 1988 Vanagon GL. Why not a Westy or a Synchro Westy ? Because (a) they are much more expensive and (b) a weekender is the more likely scenario. It is how the Westy is used anyway. But wait you say, this is not even a weekender! Very astute. This is the proverbial blank canvas. The PO has done a lot of the drivetrain and suspension work needed. The entire fuel system is new, and the entire cooling system is new except for the radiator itself. New brake lines and calipers. For once, the PO has concentrated on the less visible but more important parts for operating the bus. This leaves us free to concentrate on a minor running issue, the body, and the interior.

It is incredibly rust free except for one point in the driver footwell which will need a patch. The body has two areas than need the hammer and dolly, and then a bunch of little dings. The roof is faded and peeling (as usual) but a repaint is on the cards anyway. Given the price, it is a great starting point.

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