Not being a camper, the Vanagon had no shades or curtains installed. I had seen a kit from GoWesty, but was not sure about the shades vs curtains. Several.months later, GoWesty had a sale, and I pulled the trigger. The kit arrived as several separate shades and a curtain kit for the front.

Installation was very easy, although I was missing one section of velcro in one of the packages. The shades attach to the side windows with 3M adhesive which will hopefully hold up to the summer sun. The front uses a wrap around curtain which requires the drilling and mounting of snaps. I hate drilling holes even on the interior, but these were small 1/8” ones.

With everything installed there is not 100% privacy. The shades mount in a way that leaves a small gap for each window. Not a big deal for us, but the mounting points could use a redesign to eliminate this.

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