The Early Early 911

The production Porsche 911 did not appear until the mid 1960s, but as early as 1959, work was beginning on the successor to the popular […]

Petersen Porsche

The Petersen Museum is routinely regarded as one of the world’s best.  From the building itself, now with an artistic exoskeleton, to the contents, it […]

Hershey 2017

The weather forecast was not helpful. Not that this is unusual for an April event in Pennsylvania. We have attended this event in snow flurries, […]

Clash of the Marques

It had been a long time since the tribe gathered at the traditional summer breakfast spot along the river. The impending end of the driving […]

Porsche Pilgrimage

It happens every year. The calendar says April and two events immediately spring (pun intended) into focus. The first this year is the Hershey Porsche […]

A Plethora of Porsches

The annual assemblage of Porsches old and new at Hershey in April is now an international event. You are likely to hear several different languages […]

Porsche Targa

In September of 1965 at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Porsche introduced the Targa variation of the 911, but it took over a year for the […]

Porsche HLS

A great story about a Porsche which never made it. This was an engineering project to create a racing coupe with a “folding” roof.  We […]

Porsche 908/01

For 1968, the FIA’s Commission Sportive Internationale which determined rules for sports car racing outlawed the big 7 liter engines popularized by Ford, and introduced […]