3 years ago was the first time we visited the Volo museum. That visit was a rather hurried affair wedged in between obligations. Regardless, it was an entertaining visit. This visit was a bit more relaxed. Most of the Hollywood displays were the same, but the rest of the cars rotate as they are bought and sold. The focus is Americana, but some European cars and exotica are mixed in. This mix of displays and cars for sale is an interesting blend. Volo can be considered a classic car dealer where the showroom has some pretty spectacular memorabilia. A Gone in 60 Seconds Mustang, a Knightrider Trans Am, a Miami Vice Ferrari, etc.

The museum/showroom is spread over several buildings. A few have themes, like military vehicles or pre-war cars. The rest have are predominantly muscle cars from the sixties through seventies. There are some nice examples, at least to my untrained eye.  Also interesting were the trucks. Pickups from the 1920s to the 1960s were in the last building. A pretty good picture of the evolution of light commercial vehicles.

Another theme that could easily be missed are the two-wheeled vehicles. Here too there was a mix of Hollywood such as the machine from the Ghost Rider movie, and early machines from Harley, Indian, and Excelsior.  There were also scooters in several of the transition areas between buildings. Vespas and Cushmans and even Stellas.

Volo was worth the return visit for its mix of entertainment, and history.

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