4000 miles, of close to 60/40 road/dirt, and the rear TKC80 was done. Squared off with a few blocks cracked and threatening to come off in chunks. 150hp at the rear wheel will do that. The street miles included a bunch of highway miles and some 2-Up. This is disappointing life out of the rear, but the machine will probably see something more like 70/30 road/dirt going forward. That called for some rethinking of the next tire choice. Finalist #1 was Heidenau. Prior experience proved them to be great on wear, but noisy on the road, and poor in the wet. #2 was the Karoo 3. No experience here, but research online suggested that they were closer to the TKCs. Finalist #3 was the TKC70. In theory, it was the ideal compromise. High wear at the center, multiple compounds, good on road and in the wet, competent off-road. Reviews were good. We shall see how ideal it actually is…..

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