We have commented before that Pennsylvania has a disproportionate number of national and international quality moto events. Even in a world of cars and coffee, mocha and motorcycles, scones and scooters, the bigeer gatherings are still must-attend events. One of them is the Carlisle Import Show which takes place every May. It is a gathering of all the major brands from Europe, and a smattering of Japanese brands. It always feels like the largest show for those who do not have other large shows in the region. Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, and Ferrari, are always there, but in relatively small numbers. There is a strange ebb and flow to which brands show up in force, but some are mainstays. Swedish cars and French cars are always well represented. Audi is always well represented. Kit cars are always well represented. Nissan is usually well represented. We always see something unusual from Italy, like the Rivolta shown here. Always a worthwhile event…

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